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I am sorry that I have not updated.  You have to understand that I am distracted by so many galleries, events, and museums.  So I will be catching up on Flickr uploads and blogging later on.  This workshop has taught me so much.  I will sum it up in one phrase:  “Structural metaphor”

Check out the GCA blog for more of the recent events here.


I visited St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox church and then the Renegade Craft Fair which is really Etsy in the park.  These musicians paraded through the fair entertaining us all.

St. Nicholas in Brooklyn by you. The Renegade Craft Fair musicians by you.

I love what people do in Brooklyn to relax:

Sunday in Brooklyn by you.

Sunday in Brooklyn by you.

You can see the Renegade Craft Fair booths in the background, and further in the back is a large Greek Orthodox church.