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A photo I took during Vespers tonight.  Tomorrow we celebrate the Triumphal Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem.

We all went home with oil on our forehead and with a palm branch.  Tomorrow we have a pot luck meal instead of church school, so I don’t have a craft this week.  Enjoy the feast!


The Crucifixion and Resurrection with tomb.

Trio blocks, Hero Factory robots, and toilet paper.

No one told him to do this.  It was solely his idea.

Here is a little coloring page of Saint Gregory Palamas: Coloring page.

We are going to color the figure and glitter in the halo.  Then the picture can be glued to a piece of construction paper to make it a bit sturdier.  Add a popsicle stick to make it easy to hold.

I visited St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox church and then the Renegade Craft Fair which is really Etsy in the park.  These musicians paraded through the fair entertaining us all.

St. Nicholas in Brooklyn by you. The Renegade Craft Fair musicians by you.

I love what people do in Brooklyn to relax:

Sunday in Brooklyn by you.

Sunday in Brooklyn by you.

You can see the Renegade Craft Fair booths in the background, and further in the back is a large Greek Orthodox church.