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The sixth Sunday after Pascha remembers the story of the young man who was born blind.


  • scissors
  • cardstock
  • paper clips
  • scotch tape
  • magnet tape
  • crayons or markers

Print the main handout on cardstock. Students can color the handout, and each should be given an eye that is already cut out. They can also color the skin parts around the eye.  A paperclip should be scotch-taped onto the back of the cardstock where the healed eye will go. Then these healed eyes also will have a magnet on the back. The students will be able to use the craft to tell others that Jesus gave the blind man new eyes to see. They also should know and say that the man learned to see that Jesus is the Son of God.

This is the pdf of the blind man.  This is the pdf of the healed eye.


Here is a little coloring page of Saint Gregory Palamas: Coloring page.

We are going to color the figure and glitter in the halo.  Then the picture can be glued to a piece of construction paper to make it a bit sturdier.  Add a popsicle stick to make it easy to hold.