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This week I have a simple maze to illustrate the water that was in Jacob’s well.  When St. Photini went to find it she was given something much greater.

Click here for the pdf.


A photo I took during Vespers tonight.  Tomorrow we celebrate the Triumphal Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem.

We all went home with oil on our forehead and with a palm branch.  Tomorrow we have a pot luck meal instead of church school, so I don’t have a craft this week.  Enjoy the feast!

St. Mary of Egypt.

My time ran out, so all I have is a coloring page with a little text adapted from a post on Fr. Stephen Freeman’s blog.  The life of St. Mary of Egypt is so amazing, and could be done in church school in several ways.  I have an idea for a game and also a craft using magnets, but some of my ideas will just have to wait for next year.  Isn’t it great to go through Lent and to celebrate the resurrection every year.

Click here for the coloring page.

You could have the kids glue sand on the landscape to show that St Mary went to the desert to pray.

Well, for this Sunday which is the 4th Sunday, we are sadly skipping over the great St. John of the Ladder which could be a fun lesson, but we get to teach the Annunciation.  This feast is always on March 25th, perfectly 9 months before our celebration of the nativity of Christ.

This is a coloring craft to cut out and set up as puppets using a glue stick and a couple of brads.

Click here for the craft.


  1. Cut out the images on the thick outline.
  2. Place a bit of glue on the far edge of the tab on Mary, and wrap it around to make it a stand.
  3. Fold her feet up and let her stand.
  4. Connect the wings to Archangel Gabriel and glue him onto a wooden craft stick.
  5. Have the kids tell the story of the Annunciation using the puppets.
  6. Check here for more info on the story.

Click here for a simple coloring page.

Revealing to you the pre-eternal counsel,
Gabriel came and stood before you, O Maiden,
and in greeting said:
“Rejoice, earth that has not been sown!
Rejoice, burning bush that remains unconsumed!
Rejoice, unsearchable depth!
Rejoice, bridge that leads to Heaven!
Rejoice, ladder raised on high that Jacob saw!
Rejoice, divine jar of manna!
Rejoice, deliverance from the curse!
Rejoice, restoration of Adam;
 the Lord is with you!”

From the Vesperal Stichera of the Vigil of the Annunciation

“And yet, what is more important: the redemptive eternal life of the soul, or the short-lived life of the body, which we spend so much time attending to?  It is this, which I spoke of, that leads people either to good judgment or to stupidity.”  from The Way of a Pilgrim