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Rough sketch for poster-style portrait by you.

Unfinished by you.

Grab your cameras, girls by you.

18×24 oil painting.  This was a collaborative effort between me, my husband Jonathan and Lea Hanna.  We came up with the idea after looking at a book about the illustrator’s from the 1940’s and 50’s.  Lea Hanna is an avid photographer and will be studying photojournalism for the next few years.  Jonathan did some research on WW2 posters, and he came up with a list of taglines.  Here are a few he wrote:

“There’s more than one way we can shoot!”

“Grab your Cannon, gals, and shoot for the Navy!”

“I WANT YOUR CAMERA for the U.S. Navy”

“Women, get out of the kitchen and take pictures!”

“It takes more than ONE MAN to do this job. IT TAKES A WOMAN!”

“Focus on a career in the NAVY”

“I flashed the boys in the NAVY”

“Needed: brave female photographers for the U.S. NAVY.”

“I can lick ‘em with my camera!”

This portrait is quite unique, and I cannot wait to do another poster-style painting.


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